Someone contemplates their social media profile.
Image courtesy of ManyPixels.

Your product has profiles — spaces where people can communicate who they are. These probably include a space for a name, and the option to upload a picture. They might include a banner or header image, a short bio, a field for location, or other info.

One field you should…

There are two aspects to product management: the product, and the management. An effective PM combines the mindset and skills needed to excel at each.

Long red hair streams behind a person leaping and bounding forward, supported by a phone which is also their staircase.

To make a great product, the chief demand is empathy, followed closely by curiosity. Empathy — and its cousin compassion — let you understand the…

My gender is the twelve chimes of a venerable and lovingly-maintained clock on a seasoned solicitor’s shelf, resonating through brass and wood, a reminder on an August afternoon to rest for a moment.

My gender is the subtle oscillation of a phone face-down on a table, showing a message from…

An artist’s illustration of the Mansus which a mortal can never truly see but in dreams, via Weather Factory

What advice do you have for aspiring occult practitioners?

For me the most important part of founding a secret society is a genuine curiosity. Some people yearn for power or want to perform impressive summoning rites. Don’t get me wrong — ambition is a powerful drive and summoning is a…

This post is based on the impeccable research of cartographer Justin O’Beirne. Justin’s excellent article on this topic dives deep into the cartographic background. This post talks more about the tech.

Illustration of Google’s “areas of interest”, Justin O’Beirne, 2017

Google invented a new kind of cartography to represent something that everyone has an intuitive sense of, but which…

Tom Lowenthal

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