Surviving Smoke and Ash

  • Use an AQI app on your phone to notify you when the air gets gross.
  • When the AQI goes above 150, avoid going outside.
  • Consider sealing windows and filtering the air in your home.
  • When you have to go outside, wear a mask rated N95 or better (ideally P100).
  • Your mask must fit perfectly or it’s useless.
  • If it’s often smoky where you live, get a permanent mask.
  • Consider planning for a power cut.
Fires near Poudre Canyon, Colorado obscure the skies which glow red. Public domain image, by Senior Master Sgt. John Rohrer, 140th Wing Public Affairs

Assess Air Quality

Screenshot from AirVisual AQI app, showing very unhealthy conditions in San Francisco in November 2018.

Limit Exposure

Mask up

Mask ratings

Credit: Caitlin Hillyard/California Healthline. Source: Environmental Health Investigations Branch, California Department of Public Health. Via @KaiserHealthNews on Twitter

Mask fit

Other considerations

Disposable details

Filter Details

Prepare for power outages



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